Other devices

Device for measuring moisture in a sample

The device is used to measure the residual moisture in the sample. The test sample is filled with dried gas. The device then circulates the dried air through the sample and at the same time measures the amount of moisture in the air. The dried gas absorbs moisture in the sample, which is then measured on a hygrometer. The whole test is evaluated after stabilization of humidity, including a graph.

Měření vlhkosti, Measure of humidity in the sample

Device for flushing of test samples

The device is designed for removal of impurities from the part manufacturing process.
The device is connected into a single whole with its own control system and SW. The device is designed to allow for individual selection of the flushing sequence with subsequent drying.

Flushing device

Device for testing of internal purity

With this device, products can be flushing with liquid freon HFE 7200. Where the liquid passes through a cascaded filtration, where pure liquid enters the sample. It removes impurities from the sample and is captured at the outlet through a measuring filter. The measuring filter is then examined under a microscope and the size of the particles and the type in the sample are measured.

Measure of impurity

BURST and Vacuum TEST exchanger pressure testing device

The device is used to carry out vacuum tests and liquid – burst tests on air conditioning exchangers/condensers/radiators and their components. The device contains two technologies, implemented in one frame of the machine as well as two separate chambers, for two independent tests. The entire device system is fully automatic, including data collection and visualization. As a result of testing, a test report is automatically generated. Data and access to disk space are preferred locally, with the option of connecting to a corporate network, or with storage on a flash drive.

Burst test pressure range  1 – 450 Bar
Vaccuum test pressure range  1000 – 1 mBar
Burst test - DENSO

Steam generating device (humidification control)

The device is used for steam production, for an independent humidification system. The treated water is supplied to a preheating tank and then passed to a steam generator. Depending on the required pressure, it switches the heating heaters and generates steam with the required overpressure for the entire system. The steam produced is then injected by means of a nozzle and precisely metered by means of proportional control valves.

Steam Generator