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Light switches

The device is designed and manufactured to allow for lighting testing. The device can independently switch up to 10 bulbs in three sequential modes. Pulse types may be selected from the table of recipes or edited in the current setting. The whole test sets can be saved in the recipe table. The device evaluates bulb circuit disconnection.

The power supply input is located on the rear panel. Direct current power for the tested bulbs is connected to the front panel terminals. The terminals for the tested bulb connection are installed in the front panel.


Mobile liquid circuit for tests by hot medium flow

The device is designed as a source of temperature and pressure medium. The liquid flow rate value that can be set is 4 x 90 l / min at adjustable liquid temperature which can be set up to + 110°C.


Mobile liquid heating and cooling unit

The device is designed as a source of temperature and pressure medium.

Pressure range of test liquid circuit: Up to 3 Bar
Maximum flow rate: 29 l/min
Maximum working temperature of the liquid circuit: Up to +120°C


Device for testing of internal purity

This device may be used for product flushing with isooctane. The device also allows for adjustment of isooctane quantity for the flushing. The device works with isooctane which guarantees quality cleaning of of the manufactured parts.


Part flushing device

The device is designed for removal of impurities from the part manufacturing process.
The device is connected into a single whole with its own control system and SW. The device is designed to allow for individual selection of the flushing sequence with subsequent drying.


20mBar vacuum source

The device is designed as a vacuum source up to - 100 kPa. The evacuation time for 1 litre volume at operating pressure 0.6 MPa and vacuum –100 kPa is 7 sec. The vacuum value is maintained with hysteresis of about 3 mBar. The device is controlled from a display at the same time allowing for data output and archiving in a PC.


Rubber compression force measurement during temperature ageing

The device is designed and manufactured to generate pressure strength by adjustment of the slide route +/- 5 mm. By movement of the push pin by the given distance pressure is applied onto the test sample (rubber hose) within the range of
0 – 5,000 N. The device allows for simulation of temperature ageing at -40°C to +120°C. Adjustment is only done by turning the main pin wheel and moving the route sensor to the working position.
The setting and change values are continually transferred to a PC for evaluation and archiving.

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